World Recycling Day Tips

    What do you do with your old things? Do you sell them, or throw them away? Today (March 18, 2021) marks World Recycling Day. The perfect day to give some more attention to recycling. That’s why we would love to show you some tips about reusing your old stuff!

    Be creative

    Recycling means being creative. By looking at your things from a different perspective, you may get surprising ideas! Who stops you from using that broken blender as a flower pot? Buying something secondhand gets you something unique, and also saves extra emissions from being sent out into the world.


    Do you have things that you really want to get rid of? Is your closet full of old clothes you no longer wear? Give it to a thrift store! You help the local entrepreneur, and potentially even a charity, as many thrift stores support various charities. Do you have damaged clothing? The Dutch ‘Textielbank’ can recycle it and make brand new clothing!

    Make something nice out of it

    A nice couch, a cute jacket or tableware: secondhand is often the best choice. It is unique, cheaper and sustainable. With vintage, you can be sure you get something awesome. Buying everyday things, such as furniture or even your bike, is also possible. Looking to get creative? Restoring or upgrading something secondhand may get you that side-table all your friends are jealous of!

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